Monday, March 12, 2007

Weekend out on the town!

The girls came up for a visit today. Ella and Jake stayed home while Kim and I grabbed the puppies and went looking for fabric for the blankets. Kim found a really cute pattern, black and white with puppy paws all over. This was the first time the puppies went out without their mom. Ella did great and didn't seem to upset when we returned. The girls are getting really playful, especially Daisy! She likes to growl and pounce on everything. She kept trying to get Jake to play with her, but he stil isn't sure what to make of these tiny pups! We finally weighed the girls again. Daisy is 3lbs, Kaley is 2. 4 lbs and Sally is 2.2 lbs! They are really growing!

Saturday night we put them in the crate to see how they would do. This is when we realized the puppies eat three times a night still! So we will continue to put them in the crate for longer and longer periods as they continue weaning from Ella.