Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Daisy!!

Daisy turned 1 today, what a fun and exciting year it has been! For her birthday she has a new rawhide bone and a pink girly collar with rhinestones. Lots of bling for this little girl!

Monday, January 21, 2008

More snow videos

Ok you'll have to go to You tube to see the other two.. it was taking to long to upload it here....


Jake bunny hopping

Snow Movies

Snow day!! Thank goodness for holidays

Well I woke up to snow today, no big deal right? So I proceeded to back out of my garage and made it about two feet before I was stuck. I immediately pulled back into the garage and then took at look at the snow. There was at least 15 inches on the ground!!! Ugh grabbed the shovel and cleared the driveway enough to get out. As I start down my road I notce the cute little sports car in front of me is stuck and spinning wheels. Ugh! I get out and push it along its way and then pray as I drive down the road that I don't suffer the same fate!

The roads were a mess but I had an appointment I couldn't miss. By the time I got back to my road I was really wondering if I could make it up the street. I figure if I got stuck I didn't have that far to walk so I floored it. All the way up my street I kept saying "come on little baby you can do it!" For once my car didn't let me down and I have no idea how we made it. The bottom of my car was dragging in the snow!!

My shoveled driveway was covered with about 5 more inches of snow, so I floored it again and tried to miss my roommates car as I pulled in the driveway. Yay! I made it! I then began to wonder how my little dogs were doing. This snow was clearly deeper then Daisy was tall, and I was pretty sure it went up to Jake's head if not deeper.

Luckily good ole jake had cleared a path in the stairs for daisy to follow. Although she pretty much jumped the last 3 or 4 stairs. I've taken some pics and movie of them playing. They both LOVE the snow!!

Sunday, January 6, 2008


We were supposed to get hit with a lot of snow yesterday.. we got a few inches. Today I looked out as it started to snow and though ok we are going to barely get an inch. Five minutes later I looked outside again and this is what I saw and there is already an inch on the ground! You can't see how much snow is coming down but there is a lot and it's super fine... I'm gonna hate it by the time I have to go into work

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A few more pics of eddie and ella

Goldilocks has returned!

Paityn decided she would rather be in the dog's bed instead of her own. Here are a few pics of her getting comfortable

Happy New Years!!

Once everything settled down and Ella and Eddie were used to their new location, we had more people show up for a visit! My brother Wade brought his wife Amy and their 3 kid Lindsey, Brett, and Paityn for a visit. Also along for the ride was Ruger and Gage their Vizlas. The dogs had fun playing in the backyard with the new arrivals. Here are some fun pictures. Lindsey is holding Eddie (she had a hard time sharing that sweet pup!)Brett and Paityn kept warm near the fire (Brett alternated between a hot tushie and begging to stoke the fire for the big flames!) Paityn got up early and then couldn't decide if she was happy about that! Lindsey and Brett playing with Eddie (they may still be begging their dad for a puppy)

Mckay and Tracy came down to play apples to apples and make a lot of noise with us on the cold front yard at New Years. We toasted to a great new year full of health and many family gatherings!

Daisy has visitors.....

What a fun New Year's we had! Daisy's mom Ella and her new puppy Eddie came to stay with us for a few days. Eddie is a 3 month old Shih-poo and a bundle of energy and fur! They played and wrestled and rolled in the snow before coming to take a nap! Here are a few pictures of the wiped out crew! Unfortunately I'm the only one that wanted to sleep at 7AM, this was 10AM after the first round!! I had a hard time getting a pic of Eddie sleeping, he's a bundle of energy and no one would put him down long enough to fall asleep.