Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Years!!

Once everything settled down and Ella and Eddie were used to their new location, we had more people show up for a visit! My brother Wade brought his wife Amy and their 3 kid Lindsey, Brett, and Paityn for a visit. Also along for the ride was Ruger and Gage their Vizlas. The dogs had fun playing in the backyard with the new arrivals. Here are some fun pictures. Lindsey is holding Eddie (she had a hard time sharing that sweet pup!)Brett and Paityn kept warm near the fire (Brett alternated between a hot tushie and begging to stoke the fire for the big flames!) Paityn got up early and then couldn't decide if she was happy about that! Lindsey and Brett playing with Eddie (they may still be begging their dad for a puppy)

Mckay and Tracy came down to play apples to apples and make a lot of noise with us on the cold front yard at New Years. We toasted to a great new year full of health and many family gatherings!


The Ivie Family said...

What a fun party? I bet everyone had a great time.

The Ivie Family said...

I just read Ella and Eddie came to visit only. Gotcha.

Jenn said...

Aw yes, Ella is Daisy's mom. Eddie is her brother, so they were just up for a visit. Make sure to come up this summer, Daisy should be having puppies in June... Taylin can overdose on them :)