Thursday, February 22, 2007

Girls giving each other kisses

Puppies Playing

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Not one of our girls... but a really cute video of another Shorkie

Shorkies playing together - Fun Puppies!!

Puppies have eyes and ears open


The first two pictures are Kelly Mae. the Second picture from Left to right: Dusty Rose, Sally Jo, and Kellie Mae. Third picture Sally Jo is on her back, Kelly Mae is under mom, and Dusty Rose is curled up sleeping. Dusty Rose is the finaly picture, she loves to sleep! I spent the day with the girls and had so much fun! It's amazing how quickly the grow. Ella has already trained her girls to use newspaper! I was so impressed they know that the paper is where they do business. The girls are all over the place walking, rolling, and running! There are really starting to develop some fun personalities. Kelly Mae is the boss, she makes sure everyone knows what's going on and what to do. Dusty Rose is very laid back, she is the sleeper of the bunch. Sally Jo just loves to be included in whatever is going on. She'll cuddle up and sleep with Dusty Rose or she's always up for a fun wrestle with Kelly Mae. Here are some pics of the girls, I've included my cell phone so you can get an idea of how big they are now.

Kelly Mae - Her first soccer game

The Shorkies playing with toys

The first and second picture is Sally Jo and Kelly Mae playing ball. The third picture is Kelly Mae playing with the soccer ball. I bought the teeniest little tennis balls I could find. Kelly Mae took off running and just kept playing with the new toys. She even attempted to move the big soccer ball along with her nose. I've put up a video of her playing with the soccer ball

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Eating again!

This is what they still do best!

Sally Jo

Sally Jo is walking around like a little princess, still a bit wobbly but doing great! She enjoyed a recent play date with some neighborhood girls who loved her up good!

Dusty Rose - adopted

Dusty Rose can't get up on her hind legs on her own yet, she scoots backwards til she hits something that helps her to stand up on her legs. Then she wobbles all over the place.

Kelly Mae

Kelly Mae is walking all over the place, still wobbly but getting stronger each day! A few neighborhood girls came over and spent some time with the puppies. Kelly Mae had a ball and enjoyed all the attention!

Thursday, February 15, 2007


The first picture was taken on January 29th and the puppies were 4 oz, they are now 12 oz in this picture taken last week. So they are eating well and very healthy

New Pics

We are going to wait and take pictures once they have had their eyes open for a bit longer. Here are some pics taken last week, you can see they've almost doubled in size but are still quite petite! Ella is still doing great as a mom, but she would much rather be off playing.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Eyes are finally open!

Sunday night the little girls finally opened their eyes. Their ears are still closed but soon they will be open too. They are starting to develop their little personalities as well. Will have pics up soon :)

Friday, February 9, 2007

The grow up fast!

The girls sure are growing! They are so healthy and Ella is such a good mommy! All three girls have doubled their weights are are almost into the 12 oz weight range. This week their eyes and ears should open up and then they start walking!

It's been so warm this week, it would be great if the puppies can all go play outside in a few weeks. Ella is getting bored with the whole nursing and sitting with the puppies all day. She's started coming out to visit and spend time with the family. As soon as one of those babies starts to cry she runs back to the whelping box and then just stares at them. It's the funniest thing! Once she has figured out that they are fine and no major drama has happened, she jumps in the box and curls up with them again.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Puppies Manicure

Oh my gosh, painting those puppies toenails was an interesting experience. Now when you look at the puppies, you can't even tell their nails are painted. I included the pictures of the puppies after I painted their nails, but ya you can't tell the color. So I took some additional pictures with each one on a different background.
You can also notice a trend, Sally Jo and Dusty Rose are always sleeping together. Kelly Mae will sometimes join her sisters in a cuddle fest, but if one of them goes out on her own it's always Kelly Mae.

The one with the blue background is Sally Jo (This one has the white markings that ends in a long skinny point) (3rd child)
Pink background is Dusty Rose (This one has the white markings that ends with a 2 points it use to be a square) (2nd child) (already has adopted parents)
and multy background is Kelly Mae ( This one has the white markings that ends with a point)(1st child)

Dew Claws removed

Kelly and Kim removed the dewclaws from the babies Friday night. It was a little more traumatic then Kim had thought it would be. Ella was a little distraught as well, but everyone has settled back into their normal routines. The girls also received their first manicure Friday night. Pictures to come....

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Puppysitting :)

Yesterday was my day off and it was full of studying so I went down to hang out with Ella and her small clan. They really are so adorable! Kim came up with names for the girls and is going to remove the dew claws and paint their nails tonight. So look for updated pictures tomorrow with their new names. It's fun watching Ella learn the ropes of parenthood and she really is such a sweet mommy to the little girls. She does look quite exhausted, but all new mothers do!