Thursday, July 31, 2008

Everyone's eyes are open...

Well everyone has their eyes open, and their ears will be open soon as well! So it was time to come up with names :) Baby A is now going by "Ace". Baby B is now "Bentley". Baby C is called "Princess Claire". Baby D is called "Duke" Lenny is still called Lenny.

They have definite sleep patterns. Lenny has to have his head on something when he sleeps. It can be another puppy, a bar from the cage, or a bunched up blanket. Ace is usually snuggled inbetween Bentley and Claire, and they usually have at least one arm around him. I guess they like to be protective of the little guy. Duke loves to sleep on his back out in the open.

This morning was a lazy morning since I had the day off for the first time in awhile. I pulled everyone up into bed and it was so much fun! Each of them took their turn snuggling up on my neck or arm. Bentley gave me a hickie on my arm from trying to get milk! LOL

Next week I have my cousins kids coming over to play with them. They shoud be really playful by then :)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Eyes are open!

Well technically Baby A is the only one with his eyes open. But the others should open their eyes by the end of today or tomorrow. I will put up some pics soon, don't want to use the flash on their sensitive eyes! Ears are starting to open as well so I need to come up with some names, for those that have not been adopted yet :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This is the view I woke up to....

I love how they pile all together. You can see how different in size they are. Lenny is definitely our "big boy" and little Baby A is the tiniest. He may be small but he has learned to stick up for himself!

Daisy doesn't stay in the box with them as much as she did the first couple of days. If they cry she goes in to tend to their needs but then comes back out to hang with Jake and I. I can't believe tomorrow they will be a week old already!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Baby E aka Lenny has been adopted as well

My friend Erin is going to be taking Baby E home once he gets a bit older. He will now be known as Lenny so I'll start using that name with him. He's a very independent puppy and does his own thing. i think he'll be perfect fit for Erin.

1 shorkie puppy adopted,... 4 to go...

It's been so fun watching the puppies squirm around. They are already forming little personalities. Daisy has started leaving the box and coming out to hang in the living room, but as soon as one cries she is off to resolve their concerns.

On a side note.. went to see Mamma Mia today... I'm so wanting to go to Greece now!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Puppies growing and dew claws removed

Puppies have almost doubled in weight. Up to a whopping 8 oz! Today the dewclaws were removed and there was much crying from everyone. Here is a video afterwards. Daisy did not like having to stay outside for this adventure...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Baby Boy A

This is our tiniest little guy, he was 4 1/2 oz at birth and now weighs in at 6oz. Even in my hand he is the smallest of everyone. What a little heartbreaker!

Baby Boy B

This little guy will look most like his daddy. He really has a lot of yorkie markings. He also has the most personality I think. This first pic jut cries out "No pics please!" What a cutie! He weighed 5 1/2 oz at birth, and is now 7oz. He seems to be the alpha male of the group

The lone princess....

This little one is the only girl in the litter. Her brothers are very protective of her, and she is just too sweet! She weighed 5 1/2 oz at birth and is now a curvy 7 oz

Baby Boy D

This little guy is squirmy! He didn't want to go on his back for a pic. I love the black and white contrast. He was 5 1/2 oz at birth but is now 6 1/2

Baby Boy E

This is the last one to be born. I love his color! He was 5 1/2 oz when born but is now bursting the scale at a whopping 6 oz!

Puppies are here!!!!

I will expound on this later.. it's late I'm tired...we are all tired.

We went to lagoon today, when we came home tonight Daisy was having puppies. One had been born already and was doing quite well. The second puppy had just been born and she was busy taking care of him when the third one came out. She now has had 4 boy and one little girl. I'm very proud of her. Here are a few pics... more to come :)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Daisy's Milk has come in....

Now we are down to the waiting game, her milk came in yesterday. I started taking her temperature and so far there will be no puppies in the next 24 hours. It's been a bit hard keeping her less active. She still wants to run around in the backyard with and boss Jake around. The puppies have really been moving around. Everytime I put my hand on her stomach someone is either punching or kicking my hand away. This is my favorite time of the pregnancy. Daisy also got her belly shaved yesterday, and did a lot better with it then I thought she would.

My sister-in-law Amy is showing up tomorrow with her kids to help out. I'm so glad they are coming up. I'm studying for finals and working this week, and just knowing someone will be around for Daisy is such a stress relief! Best case scenario the puppies will be born tomorrow.

For those of you wanting a puppy please contact me, I am putting up an ad on KSL once they are born.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The countdown begins....

Daisy is getting bigger each day.. much faster now. Her belly is just a few inches from the ground and soon she won't be able to go up stairs anymore. My sister in law arrives Sunday to watch her while I finish up school and work next week. She is due anytime after July 20th and everything is ready to go!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Busy Week! Family Reunion and 7th week of pregnancy

Time is flying by! Daisy is now entering her seventh week of pregnancy. Her belly continues to grow and you can really feel the babies moving around now. The other day I sat down to count heartbeats, I am hoping I am off. I've been right on before, but I counted SIX heartbeats. Which means she could have SIX puppies. I really hope I'm off as I would rather she only have 4 puppies for her first litter. I guess we will see. It's crazy that she only has a few more weeks left to be pregnant. I have made her whelping box, and she is slowly getting used to it. Jake wants to sleep in it more then she does, but he is banned! Haven't quite figured out what to do with him when the puppies arrive. He may have to go play at a neighbors house, luckily everyone has dogs in our neighborhood, so lots of buddies to play with.

Last weekend I went down to Kingston UT for some fun and to attend the Moss family reunion. This is my mom's family. There are 8 siblings, and five were able to attend. A lot of cousins and second generation cousins came out to play. I rented an ATV in Marysvale, and took my nephew Brett for a ride on the Piaute ATV trail. It was sooo much fun! We even ran into the middle of a live cattle herd. Brett thought it looked like fun, until I explained to him that this is their version of "chores". Brett and I had a lot of fun, and I was glad he was able to go with me.

When we got to Kingston he was off to play basketball and have fun with all the other 2nd cousins. There was a cute little red heeler/shepherd mix puppy. She was about 7 weeks pregnant, and was probably the most popular person at the reunion! I'm so glad I decided to leave Daisy home, all the kids just love love love dogs!

When I took the ATV back, Kayla was able to go with me. She was a really good ATV driver, and even got to hollar a big "hello" out to some cute boys in the back of a boat by Piute Resevoir. She's a total flirt! We ran into a bunch of sheep on the road back to Marysvale, gotta love the country!

Can't wait to take another trip down south maybe in the fall when all the Shorkie Puppies have gone to their new families.