Monday, May 7, 2007

Haircut and barrettes

Daisy had to have an emergency haircut

Poor Daisy she so loves to romp and play outside with Jake. I have found there are some definite differences between these two breeds. Now Jake I have had for 5 years and he gets bathed about twice a month. Jake doesn't get dirty, nothing sticks to Jake except for his paws. When it rains I can tell Jake has been on the futon. Daisy on the other hand gets bathed twice a week. Daisy can't go outside without coming in dirty. Lately she goes outside and comes back in with stickers stuck to her fur. Last night I was scratching her head and though.. what is this? Yup right between and a bit above her eyes was a LOT of matted hair intricutely woven through a sticker bush. So much that I had to get the scissors. As you can see in the pictures she no longer has any hair above or between her eyes. I also had to cut one off her chest and one off her leg. This morning I went out to find all these stickers weeds she seems to find so easily. I thought they were all gone, until I found yet another one in her tonight. First thing tomorrow she is going to the groomers for a VERY short cut. I'll post her before and afters.. she's going to look like a completly different dog tomorrow. All her puppy color will be gone.