Monday, July 13, 2009

Puppies first year... Daisy's in heat!

What a crazy year it has been! Daisy's first litter will soon be turning 1! I can't believe how cute they still are and how super tiny! I thought for sure they would be closer to Daisy's size. Bentley still comes over weekly to play with Mom and sadly that is ending soon. He's about half her size and around 4 lbs. Still super cuddly and such a sweet little guy. He loves to have Jake and Daisy chase him around the table, and it takes the two of the to wear him out.

I would love to get pictures from the other owners if they keep up with the blog. Daisy's heat cycle started yesterday. I've got a few Yorkie studs to meet with this week before I decide which one to go with. They are all 3 lbs so the puppies should be small like the last litter. I'm hoping for more girls this time but will be happy either way. The puppies will be ready in time for Christmas and will be fun to play with in the fall.

If anyone has been waiting for the next litter, please contact me to get on my waiting list.