Thursday, December 20, 2007

Snow Snow Snow and a dog called Wags

Last night I was driving home and saw a dog out over by Storm Mountain Park...he wouldn't come to me.. but he sure wanted to go for a car ride. Once I opened the car door he jumped right in. I called the number on his tag but no answer. So I brought him home to weather out the night with Jake and Daisy. This dog was a mixed collie really sweet and very submissive. His name is Wags. It took him about an hour to feel ok with spending the night with strangers. This was around 1AM.. Daisy hit her second wind and decided it was time to play with this new friend. Around 4AM I finally had to put poor Wags out in the living room with Daisy in the bedroom with me and shut the door to get some sleep. Everyone survived the night and I tried a few more times to contact Wags owners before I had to contact Animal Services to come and pick up Wags. He spent the morning in the backyard hanging out and chilling before they picked him up. Sure wish I could have reached his owners, I hate having them go to the shelter. However its a $700 fine if you don't take them to the shelter. I am guessing that Wags family has just moved to the area and might be out of town for a day but hopefully they will rescue him from the shelter soon.

On another note, a big winter storm is hitting us. The snow from our last big storm had almost melted today! This is an interesting link to go to, there are a bunch of little camera icons you can click on to see current road conditions. Right now all you will see is a lot of tracks in the snow!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Jake and Daisy Part 2

Sunday Morning

Winter Wonderland!!

Well we are up over a foot, which means Daisy is in over her head! Luckiy her big brother has tracked out a path down the stairways and out onto the back lawn. The snow is just about to bury him and it is still coming down! It will be interesting to see how tall the walls of their tunnel will get before this storm passes.

I'm not sure if the sweaters are keeping Daisy warm or not, the snow just sticks to her! But she just looks so cute with them on! We had to go to Petco to get some food, and she got many compliments on todays outfit. Now if I coud just figure out how to keep her hat on her head!

Cousins come up to play

Wyatt, Garrett and Autumn were up for a visit in November. They stayed over and Jake and Daisy were so excited to have new people to play with. They are from Las Vegas and don't get to have a fall, so we made sure to save up all of our leaves to play in for their visit. Garrett and Wyatt ran through the piles of leaves and tossed them in the air.. all at 8AM because they just couldn't wait. I spent the morning saying "whisper!" but it was a lot of fun.

Since we only live a few blocks from the Live Aquarium we went over to check it out. Petting the sting rays was a rather slimy experience. Garrett even took us out on the Great Salt Lake for a quick trip on the boat. He was a great driver!