Sunday, December 9, 2007

Cousins come up to play

Wyatt, Garrett and Autumn were up for a visit in November. They stayed over and Jake and Daisy were so excited to have new people to play with. They are from Las Vegas and don't get to have a fall, so we made sure to save up all of our leaves to play in for their visit. Garrett and Wyatt ran through the piles of leaves and tossed them in the air.. all at 8AM because they just couldn't wait. I spent the morning saying "whisper!" but it was a lot of fun.

Since we only live a few blocks from the Live Aquarium we went over to check it out. Petting the sting rays was a rather slimy experience. Garrett even took us out on the Great Salt Lake for a quick trip on the boat. He was a great driver!