Monday, September 22, 2008

Video of the puppies playing with the neighbors and DJ

My friends son DJ loves to come and play with the puppies. He is so good with them and they just love him to death. We went outside to let the puppies run and the girls from the neighborhood came over to see the puppies. They are so much fun to watch. The girls love to scream and giggle as the puppies chase them. Here are some videos of them playing, its a great way to wear the puppies out.

Ace is still super tiny!

Ace is so fluffy, I had forgotten how little he really is until he had a bath yesterday. He is now weighing 2lbs 4 oz

He loves to be held and cuddled

He also like to curl up on the sheep skin rug for a nap

Such a cute baby doll face! I could just watch him for hours!

Lenny and Ace begging to come up on the couch... again!

Bentley Sleeps over...

Bentley came back to spend a few days with us.. here are some pics from the sleep over party. Duke and Bentley cuddled up for a nap.

Bentley is sharing his new bed with Duke
What is a sleep over without fun snacks?

Lenny loves Bentley's bed too!

Duke still chewing on his Rawhide. Ace is begging for a cuddle session

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Duke the handsome devil

He may look like a lounger but "play" is his middle name

I tried to get a pic of him sleeping but dogs can always hear the shutter click open.

I'm innocent of everything... how can you resist this cute face!

Lenny is becoming such a character!

Lenny is begging for a trip up on the couch while Ace patiently waits his turn

Please put me on the couch!
Yes it's a Pink Princess shoe bed.. Lenny loves to curl up and nap on top of it.

Tori has joined her new family

Tori's new family came to pick her up Monday night. I had purchased a cute Pink top for her to go home in, but it was just too small. Here are some pics with her in the top, and a pic of her new family

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Changes to blog..

I was checking out to see what others in my area are selling their shorkies for today. I'm still convinced that my puppies are the cutest of them all! Shorkies are a super cute breed to start with, but I really wanted that teddy bear/ baby doll face. I find that most Yorkies have too long of a snout, or their nose is a bit larger then I like. When I found Dante I knew he'd be a perfect match for Daisy. Both have cute little noses as well as that adorable baby doll face. His coloring is incredible as well. I believe that is why Lenny has such a gorgeous carmel color. I haven't seen another Shorkie with this color and I absolutely love it!

Unfortunately another seller in this area has the same blog template as I do. I'm not sure if they have copied mine or we are just two great minds thinking alike. So I decided to change the template to differentiate from theirs. I'm thrilled with the new look. I love the brown pink mix and think this matches better then the argyle one I had before.

Tori goes to her new family Monday so I've been spending extra time with her. I sort of dragged my feet putting up an ad for Duke and Lenny because I just love having them around so much! I know there is a special family out there that needs them, but it is really hard to let them go.

Now that Bentley is gone, Daisy eyes me cautiously if I head outside with one of her babies. I took Tori down to Blockbuster today, as I'm still working with her on her car anxiety. When we got back and she reunited with everyone they swarmed her. I guess they can sense that they will soon all be leaving each other. This morning we all curled up on the couch for a long cuddle fest. I really have lucked out to have such good puppies that love to cuddle and entertain me. :)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bentley leaves the nest

A friend from work decided she wanted to have Bentley be part of her family, so tonight she picked him up and they headed home. Bentley and I waited outside and when Trina showed up Bentley raced across the yard and into her arms. I'm so excited for his new adventure but had to shed a tear as he headed on his way. I will miss our cuddle naps and his fun personality around the house. Here are some pics of Trina and Bentley.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Shorkies still love to play

Shorkies - Begging to be on the couch

The Puppies still love to be on the couch but can't quite get on the couch without help. I've put a cushion on the ground so they can jump down onto it. But they just aren't big enough to jump up on the couch, no matter how hard they try. So I see this view a lot! Pleeeease let me up!!

Shorkie Puppies - random pics

Shorkie Puppies - 8weeks!

The puppies turned 8 weeks old yesterday and got their shots done. They are doing great with car rides now, although Bentley still tries to be held during the car ride. Everyone at the Pet center fell in love with the puppies, and they did really great. The vet said the shots would make them really tired, which was good because the slept all the way home.

I'm trying to get them over cat napping through the night. Tuesday night they woke me up at 1:30 and again at 4:45. So yesterday we played and played and played! My friend from work Melinda brought her super cute little boy Shiloh (not sure how to spell his name) over see the puppies. They loved him and were instantly climbing all over him to give him lots of licks and kisses. Last night I played with them until 11PM then gave them some thick gruel and waited for them to fall asleep about 30 minutes later. They didn't wake me up until 7AM this morning!! Woo hooooo!

I have a bunch of random pictures of the pups from yesterday. The toy basket is their new favorite toy. They love to sleep in it, chew on it, turn each other upside down in it. The Princess bed is where they like to hide all their toys and any socks they have found of mine.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tori gets a bath

This morning after I gave the pups their breakfast (a watered down type of gruel) Lenny decided to chase Tori... right through the plate of food. She was covered! So it was off the the bath to clean her up. She did really good and we had to blow dry her to keep her warm afterwards. She didn't like that so much. But she is all clean and smelly great! These are some pics of Tori wearing Daisy's old bath robe. Its hard to remember Daisy being that young!
Daisy's bathtime

The puppies are super playful now. They run and jump and wrestle and tease and play and then they crash! Right now they are patient enough to wait until 7am before they start whining for my presence. I guess they figure if the sun is up... everyone else should be too!