Thursday, August 13, 2009

Puppies due September 25th (tentatively)

Daisy is showing all the signs of pregnancy!! I won't know for sure how many little ones are growing in there for a bit, but I'm so excited for the puppies to come. I told the cute little neighbor kids that she's pregnant, so they come over everyday to see if she has had the puppies. I keep telling them not until September, but I think they just keep hoping.

They may be building some type of nest for her. Every morning I come out and find more and more little stacks of twigs on my porch. Should I tell them the puppies are born in a cardboard box, or let them exhaust their creative minds?

I will try to get more updates going... this is finals week and then just one more semester until I'm done with school! Besides updates right now would be soooo boring. Puppy updates are always so much more exciting!

Oh for those of you interested in a puppy, please let me know soon. Three have already been spoken for and I'm really not anticipating a larger litter then she had last year. :)