Monday, November 30, 2009

9 week old Shorkie Puppies

The puppies are just full of energy and playfulness these days! The puppies that have been purchased have started doing overnights with their new families. Shockingly they are doing great with minimal whining! Daisy has really stepped up to teach them how to play appropriately. Tug of war is still their favorite game, any item will do! Here are some more pics of them playing.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tug a War Shorkie Puppies favorite game!

The puppies love to play tug of war.... and as many as can will join in!

Mommy working with the Puppies

Daisy has weaned the puppies but that doesn't stop them from trying to get a drink. She quickly growls and moves away if they try to nurse on her now. She is busy teaching them the appropriate manner of play and biting. They like to gang up on her to make it a fair fight.

Montana - 8 wk Shorkie

Aw my sweet little Montana, she connected with me from day 1. I knew I was going to keep one of the little girls, but I wasn't sure which one. All my girls are such sweethearts and I'd love to keep them all, but that is just too many dogs to have in one house. So over the last 8 weeks I've been watching to see who would fit best with my little group. Montana looks just like Daisy did when she was a puppy. She's also just so sweet and calm and playful. I'm excited to see her grow up!

Getting a drink of water
Tana is worn out and about to take a nap....anywhere will do!

Reagan - 8 wk Shorkie puppy

Reagan is my adventurer. She is always looking for something else to do. She loves to play with the toys, tackle the fake tree, or start a game of tug of war. I'm currently working with her since she is also the most vocal of the group. She uses her cute little sad puppy face to get her way! However I think I'm winning the war as she is toning down her whining. She will definitely need to go to a family with a lot of kids to give her the attention she wants.

Tiki - 8 week old Shorkie

Tiki is the smallest male and the most timid of the group. He likes to hang out and just watch, but will join in when he wants to. He's very smart and patient in getting what he wants. He knows the other puppies will tire of their toy and he will just wait for that to happen. He will then move in and take the toy to his hiding spot. He's not very happy when I raid his hiding spot to bring all the toys back out for everyone to play with. But he will just patiently take them back one by one....

Dexter AKA Dante 8 week old Shorkie

Dexter is such a sweet sweet sweet puppy! He is going to be living with Bryan. His older Sister Tori lives with Bryan's mom out in Pennsylvania and it will be so much fun to see when these two get to meet. Dexter loves to play with all the puppies and he loves to be held. He was cuddling up with me last night in the sweetest way and I'm just hoping these next 4 weeks go really slow. Letting these little angels leave and go to their new homes is so hard to do!

Starr - 8 week old Shorkie

I love this pic of Starr giving kisses to Brooks! She is such a sweetheart! Her nickname is lickalicious! She loves to give kisses and licks! Starr is the smallest of the group and such a princess. She has the compact Yorkie body and short shih tzu legs. I took her to the petstore last night to load up on more rawhide, and almost didn't make it out of the store! Everyone wanted to hold her and love her.

Brooks - 8 week old Shorkie

Brooks is such a sweetheart. He is going to be living with his big brother Bentley in a few weeks. There puppy pictures are so similar it will be fun to see how much they will look like in a few months. Brooks is the super cuddler and is always just happy to curl up and take a nap just like Bentley.

8 week old puppies!

I tried to get a group shot of the puppies .. they didn't want to cooperate and look at the camera at the same time! They have had their first series of shots and deworming done. Everyone at the vet office fell in love with them. Especially the little boy that wanted to hold them and take them home with him! So cute! I've taken a bunch of pictures today and will sort them out by puppy or activity

Sunday, November 8, 2009

6 week Shorkies

Puppies received their deworming medicine this week. Bye bye little pot bellies! They are really starting to become more active and develop personalities.