Thursday, September 27, 2007

A few more pics

Dewclaws removed

Went down to help Kim remove the dewclaws, and ended up removing them. Kim is just too tender hearted when it comes to her babies! Here are some new pics, I got some of their faces, its interesting how different they all look. I also tried to show just how tiny they really are

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Puppies Birthday!

Here are pics from when the puppies were first born. They are just sooo tiny! They have already gained 1/2 oz so they are doing really well.

Pics of the puppies!

Ok finally got the pics.. they are so darn cute! Ella lines them all up together before she leaves the whelping box to get a drink or go potty. She's such a good mommy!

Need a Puppy fix?

I would really like to set something up like this in the future as Kim and I continue down the road of breeding dogs. This family really understands how to raise healthy puppies in a family environment. It breaks my heart to see puppies and dogs stuck in cages with no interaction with their human family.


Sunday, September 23, 2007

Puppies are here

They have finally arrived, 2 boys that are brown ad 2 girls that are white. All weighed in at a whopping 4 ounces! They are named Chocolate, Brownie, Sugar and Caramel. One littly puppy didn't quite form completely, and Sugar was born awhile before Kim realized Ella was having babies. (It was 1am!) But she got her going and they all had dinner and are resting peacefully. Pics to come :)

**Correction Caramel is a boy! So that's 3 boys and one little princess!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Still no puppies

Well Ella is definitely taking her time with this litter. Her milk has come in, the babies are moving all over trying to get comfortable. Today is day 60 so maybe they will come tonight or first thing in the morning. I am going to pick up Kim in a few hours from the airport, unless something changes with Ella. Her temperature has been in the 99's all week, only dropping to 98.7 once. That may explain why she hasn't delivered.

She was pacing and whining pretty intensely this morning, I took her outside and all she wanted to do was eat grass. She's been very intense on eating the grass the last couple of days. Today not as much. When I brought her in she continued pacing and whining, after another 2 hours of this I took her outside again. This time she went potty. We went back inside and she's been sleeping for most of the day, and appears quite calm. The heartbeats are strong and everyone appears very healthy, so we will just wait it out.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ella is in Labor

Well it is definitely looking like today or early tomorrow there will be puppies. This morning her temp was 99.7 by around 10 it had dropped to 98.6. She has been moving around a lot, can't get comfortable. She will lie down, then get up and walk across the room and lie down again, then back across the room. This has been going on since about 6 am. She also will not let me out of her site, if I am she starts to whine quite insistently. The babies are very active, if you touch her belly you can feel them move around. Her belly is huge and they are probably getting cramped. I've gone through the list twice .. ok more like 7 times to make sure I have everything ready. I have a scale, yarn, notebook, alcohol wipes, gloves, scissors, first aid kit, towels, garbage can, paper towels, and collars all standing by and ready to go. I wish Kim was here.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ella set to deliver within the next 10 days

I've put a link to Ella's new blog, she is set to have Shih Poo's in the next few days. Max is a mini poodle that is Silver colored and about 5 lbs. So the babies will be small since Ella weighs in at a whopping 9 lbs.

If her puppies are anything like the last litter, they will go fast. Ella is such a good mommy, I can tell that just from how well Daisy is. Everyone loves Daisy, even people that don't like dogs! The litter will be ready to go in time for Christmas, and these puppies will make such a fun addition to any family. They really do get along with children so well, and are so willing to play and play and play!

Daisy is such a patient little girl, she seems to get these grass stickers matted into her fur almost daily. No matter how often I weed and pull them out she somehow finds more. But she is so great to just lay there while I pull the seeds out one by one.

Max is the father of another litter that was born last week. Jack-a-poo's! 5 girls and 2 boys, the mom is a jack russell named Daisy (popular name!) Their family will be kept busy with that bunch!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ella is having more babies

Ella is having puppies again.. this time it will be Shih Poo's! She is entering her eighth week so they should be coming soon. It will be fun to see how Daisy interacts with her new siblings....