Thursday, September 20, 2007

Still no puppies

Well Ella is definitely taking her time with this litter. Her milk has come in, the babies are moving all over trying to get comfortable. Today is day 60 so maybe they will come tonight or first thing in the morning. I am going to pick up Kim in a few hours from the airport, unless something changes with Ella. Her temperature has been in the 99's all week, only dropping to 98.7 once. That may explain why she hasn't delivered.

She was pacing and whining pretty intensely this morning, I took her outside and all she wanted to do was eat grass. She's been very intense on eating the grass the last couple of days. Today not as much. When I brought her in she continued pacing and whining, after another 2 hours of this I took her outside again. This time she went potty. We went back inside and she's been sleeping for most of the day, and appears quite calm. The heartbeats are strong and everyone appears very healthy, so we will just wait it out.