Thursday, August 28, 2008

Shorkie Puppies Playing around

The puppies love to play with each other, as well as try to chase Daisy down for a meal. It is so much fun to watch all five of them try to keep up with her and nurse at the same time.

Couch Potatoe Shorkies!

Bentley loves to be on the couch. He will beg and plead and jump to try to get onto the couch. Once he's on the couch he will lick and play and then curl up and take a nap. The others love to get up on the couch and sleep, but Bentley is obsessed with it! So dang cute!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Random Pics of Cuteness

Here are just some random pics, I always keep my camera close. Daisy is really weaning the puppies these days. They have a lot of teeth, and chewing on my toes is no longer cute! LOL

Monday, August 25, 2008

Tori.. AKA Claire

Our little princess has a new name, from here on she will be known as Tori. Hope this doesn't confuse anyone. Luckily Bentley seems to be the only one that recognizes his name when I call, so tonight I'll start working on the name change. Bentley and Tori have decided they like to curl up on the couch with me. So last night we all took a nap, Duke even joined us for a little bit. Ace and Lenny still like to sleep in their bed. I think Lenny is still just scared to venture out to far due to his recent adventure.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Shorkie Puppies running and playing

Little teeny tiny Ace

Ace is still the tiniest of them all. He is still under 2lb weighing in at 28oz. He also has the fluffiest fur so far. He is such a sweetheart always looking for someone to cuddle up with. He still goes under the couch and then cries because he is not sure how to get back out. He loves hanging out with his brother and sister, and especially nursing. Now that everyone has started eating puppy food, he seems to get in a little extra nursing time.

Bentley.. the great explorer

Bentley looks most like his Dad. He has those gorgeous tan markings against the black fur. He also has started to give kisses and loves to lick/chew on toes! He is always up for an adventure and to play or cuddle with someone. He loves to play with everyone and is also a great cuddler. He is also the first to wake up every morning and demand some playing time!

Princess Tori ...

Tori is the best cuddler of them all. I owe this to my niece Ginger that came down and spent a lot of "girl time" this week with Tori. She went everywhere with Ginger. She watched movies, played on the computer, and we even went for a fun walk. Tori was the fist to give little kisses, so be careful when you pick her up now. She is going to lick your face and try to give kisses, just like her mommy. She also loves feet!

Duke... the king of play!

Duke is so much fun, he loves to be held and he was the first one to start playing with me. He loves to chase my hands or feet and is always trying to chew on them. He was also the first to start playing with Daisy. He is all about having fun and loves to chew his puppy food! I still have a hard time telling Duke and Claire apart unless I get a look at their faces. They both have such beautiful markings on their face!


These puppies have somehow become more adorable overnight. So I decided to update some pics and I'll get some video up of them running and wrestling soon too! This is Lenny he had a bit of trauma yesterday. Somehow he escaped their caged in area. I am not sure for how long, but when I opened up the cage and put him back in he stayed there. Everyone else took off to explore and play, he climbed in his bed and went to sleep. Such a cutie! He loves to play and wrestle and especially chew on everything! They are eating puppy food a lot more these days as Daisy is not letting them nurse as much. They have also started playing with Daisy which I think she enjoys more then nursing them!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Shorkie Pups refusing to acknowledge they have grown....

Although they are all still pretty small, they are huge compared to when they were born. Here is an example, this is their first bed. They LOVE it! When they were a few days old, everyone fit even if they stretched out. Today they were playing around and everyone fell asleep in their bed. Obviously they no longer all fit, but no one is getting out.

I have finally found a good groomer

Daisy has been a bit of a mess the last couple of weeks. Her hair is so long and she got into a bunch of grass stickers that matted up her fur. So it was time to get a haircut. The puppies are now old enough that they can be away from her for a few hours. So I called around and of course everyone is booked. So I had heard of a new place called Utah pet Center, that my friend Brandon highly praised. I called them up, and yup they had openings. Then I asked them if I could have her in and out within 2 hours. Yup not a problem. Which to me is amazing... she is usually at the groomers a minimum of 6 hours!!

So we went down to this new full service Pet center. They really do have everything. A hospital, groomer, boarding, and even a cafe to eat at. When I dropped her off they asked a lot of questions about how I wanted the haircut. They even have a board that shows the different lengths to choose from. Daisy always looks so different after a haircut, mainly because I go so long inbetween! She is now back to her skinny self, well except her belly is still pretty full due to milk. Since the puppies are starting to eat dog food I am starting to cut her back on food as she weans them from nursing.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Here are some pics of the pups getting to know Jake. He's not sure what to do with them, and they like to chew on the back of his paws.

They are starting to chew on Daisy's dog food as their teeth come in. Bentley sleeps by the food dish! Last night I let them out of their exercise pen to explore the living room. It was a lot of fun for them to stretch out and explore. I have a cute little pet tent for Daisy to hang out in. I put them all in it and they loved it! So now its in their pen for them to play/sleep in as well. Here are some cute pics of them in the tent.

A new Trick

This morning as I was getting ready for work, I heard an odd new sound coming from the living room. I went over to investigate. There was Lenny sitting back with his head raised howling. Yup howling. I had no idea puppies could howl. Most of the crew is still learning how to bark! I guess that my dog Jake has been giving Lenny some private lessons. Maybe they are privately trying to form a singing group to perform at the local fairs???

As most of my friends and family know, Jake thinks he is a singer. If there is any type of music on the TV, or if my cell phone is ringing... Jake is singing along. Forget trying to play the piano, he will drown you right out!

Commercials on TV seem to get his attention the most. Jake's reaction time is a little slow these days. I get a giggle out of it, because Daisy is right on cue. As soon as that Stanley steamer commercial comes on she sits right up and stares at Jake. She knows he will start howling soon, and she tries to sing right along with him as well! Of course she's polite so she waits for Jake to begin first.

I'm guessing Lenny has been paying attention and is ready to join in with all the fun. I'll try to get a video of it up, if he is still doing it tonight.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our little princess has been adopted

Our little girl has found a family, and it sounds like her new brothers are pugs! She will have a blast with them. Here are some fun pics, the first one looks like a beginning pose before a wrestling match begins.

Yes they are playing with each other now. Wrestling is their favorite activity. They even try to get Mom in on the act. Oh dear she needs a haircut, a few more weeks and I can take her in.

The last pic is of Bentley deciding if he wants to take a nap or chew on the blanket

Neices and Nephew invade the Shorkies!

My nephew Clay came up for a visit for his birthday. We have had a blast. We rode all the rides at Lagoon yesterday, and today we took over and conquered Cherry Hill! Tonight they finally were able to come and visit the puppies. There were 5 of them, so I guess it was a good thing that Daisy had 5 puppies. Kayla fell in love with Ace, and Taylin is currently trying to devise a way to get Lenny back to Las Vegas! Ginger can't decide between Duke or Bentley, and Clay loves them all! McKenna took Daisy for a walk while Claire's new family came for a visit, so she needs another visit before she can choose her favorite.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ace has another first!

Ace seems to continue to be ahead of the crowd, but Claire is hot on his tail! LOL This morning I gave Daisy some cottage cheese to have her stay put so they could nurse. Ace decided cottage cheese tastes way better then momma's milk! When I pulled Ace out to take a pic of his face, Claire dove into the bowl for some food. So I guess its time to start giving them some food. I can feel their teeth are about to make an appearance, so Daisy will be weaning them off pretty soon.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

3 Wk update on the Shorkies....

They are getting huge! Here are their current weights

Ace 20 oz
Bentley 24 oz
Claire 22 oz
Duke 28 oz
Lenny 28 oz

Bentley and Lenny like to wrestle and wake up the others. Ace loves playing with the toys and cuddling up with Claire. Duke is the explorer, I really think hes trying to find a way out of the cage....

Monday, August 4, 2008

More in the sun

More outdoor fun

Trek to the outdoors...

I took some video outside, since my camera seems to be pretty dark indoors. The dogs are walking and starting to play with each other. They are doing great with crawling over to the paper to go potty.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Puppies moving around

Ace .. first to walk.. first to hear.. and first to play

He may be the smallest of the group but he sure leads the pack in doing everything first.. here is a video of him as he finds a new toy