Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Daisy experiences snow!

Well Sally and Kaley are with their new families and I'm sure being very loved. It snowed today in Utah. Kim is keeping Daisy for a few more weeks before she moves in with Jake and I. This morning when Kim put her out to go potty and she went down the steps all funny like, because the steps were wet and her paws were wet. Then when she came to the snow, it was so high that she followed her mothers steps and stepped very carefully when she first came to the snow, she stretched her front paws out so she was all stretched long, to test the white stuff-snow then she brought her back paws up and and stepped into the snow. She did this same thing on Kim's bathroom tile because it is white Ella was in the bathroom with Kim, and Daisy wanted to come too but she had never been on the tile before. So that scared her, and she barked like, come get me I am scared. Once she figured out it was just tile then she wasn't scared anymore. With the snow she followed her mom steps and sniffed around, but she never went potty.

Friday, March 23, 2007

All of our girls have found families

It is sad that they will be leaving us this next week to join their new families. It will definitely be quiet around Kim and Ella's house! I made their necklaces today and can't wait to see them wear it. Hopefully their new families will keep in touch and send us pictures as they grow so we can update you.

For now we will start looking for a little Yorkie to join our family. Thanks to everyone that has expressed interest in our girls. It has been such an exciting experience. We can't wait until November when Ella can get pregnant again!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

More Sleeping beauties! The last one is brave daisy chewing on Jake's tail!

Finding a place to sleep....

These pictures took on a life of their own, for some reason reminding me of the Goldilock story.. this bed is too big.. this bed is too small.. this bed is just right! LOL

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Kaley and Daisy's weekend out

The girls continue to grow! Sunday morning was bathtime! Kaley and Sally were very good, just wanted this chore to be done with. Daisy was shaking and scared to death of that blowdryer thing!

Saturday Kim and I went to look at a couple of Yorkies up for adoption. Sadly the first one was just too big for Miss Ella to breed with, and the second one had been adopted the night before. Oh well, we figure it wasn't meant to be, and we will find the perfect Yorkie for Miss Ella soon enough. The girls stayed home while Miss Ella went with us all the way up to Millville. Then we got pizza and had a picnic on the lawn.

The girls did well in a new environment on their own, but were excited to see our return! That night Kim took Ella and Sally home while Daisy and Kaley spent the night with Jake and I. They went to sleep around 10 and didn't get up until 6:30 the next morning! We had a fun morning playing in the leaves and then getting their baths so they could smell good.

Kaley and Daisy kept trying to get Jake to play with them, but he's just not sure what to do with these tiny girls. At one point Daisy gave up and climbed into his bed and chewed on his tail. Jake just looked at her like silly girl. It will be fun watching this relationship grow.

Afterwards the girls and I took Jake down to Petco to get his nails clipped. He hates getting his nails clipped, the girls don't understand why he puts up such a fight. They are really good about getting their manicures done. While we waited for Jake to finish, we were swarmed by customers at Petco wanting to see the girls. Everyone raved about how cute they are (which of course we already know!) and a few of them would be very happy to take the girls home right then!

Then it was time to take the girls back to their momma. By now they had grown tired of their carrier and really begged and pleaded to be let out. I unzipped the bag a bit so they could poke their heads out and then both fell fast asleep. Silly girls!

Ella had a good time with Sally, and Sally was glad to have some one on one time with her mom. Kim and I were talking about how sad it will be when she leaves to go with her new family this weekend. The girls finish up their shots and Vet visit on Thursday, and then they are on to their new families.

I have some pics from the weekend I'll be putting up tonight :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Ella and her girls

Kaley Mae in the sun...

Sally Jo playing

Daisy Dukes hits the grass!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Weekend out on the town!

The girls came up for a visit today. Ella and Jake stayed home while Kim and I grabbed the puppies and went looking for fabric for the blankets. Kim found a really cute pattern, black and white with puppy paws all over. This was the first time the puppies went out without their mom. Ella did great and didn't seem to upset when we returned. The girls are getting really playful, especially Daisy! She likes to growl and pounce on everything. She kept trying to get Jake to play with her, but he stil isn't sure what to make of these tiny pups! We finally weighed the girls again. Daisy is 3lbs, Kaley is 2. 4 lbs and Sally is 2.2 lbs! They are really growing!

Saturday night we put them in the crate to see how they would do. This is when we realized the puppies eat three times a night still! So we will continue to put them in the crate for longer and longer periods as they continue weaning from Ella.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

More play time

Shorkie Girls Playing

Shorkie girls hit the town!

Today was their first trip out, momma Ella was in a Fashion show today. The girls loved riding in the car and we had no problems there. Daisy was the first to want to look out the window as we drove.

The puppies stayed in Kim's purse for the show and everyone kept saying how adorable they are. We of course now this already. We met some other dog lovers at the fashion show and everyone looked so cute! Ella wore a cute pink tank top dress with bling clips in her hair.

After the fashion show we went to our new favorite store IPaw. If you live in Utah this store is a must! They have the cutest designer clothing, fun gear, and treats for your princess. As you can see Kelly Mae has her first t-shirt. We couldn't believe something that small could fit into a shirt already. The girls at Ipaw loved the Shorkies. Kelly and Sally have found homes, but it looks like there are few people that are very interested in Daisy (aka Dusty) The girls have the cutest little bathrobes to wear after their baths now. These will be going to their new homes with them.

The girls were wiped out on the way home, after a quick bite to eat with momma they soon fell asleep. They are doing so well on their potty training, there were no accidents in the car or the purse. They patiently waited until we arrived at my house before they did their business.

We then decided to see if the girls were ready for their model days. We tried many attempts at getting a family portrait, but they were just to busy checking out the new area. My dog Jake wasn't sure what to think of these three. He has never seen any dogs this small before! The girls seemed to love the huge lovesac and were even found a few balls under the couch to play with. Enjoy the pictures! We shot some more video and hopefully this won't be as dark.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Fun pictures

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Shorkies 4th Week Update :)

Well two of our little girls have found families and they continue to thrive! They have started gumming the puppy food and the teeth are coming in! They have had their first round of de-worming medicine and are busy exploring their little world. They are playing with each other a lot more. The weaning process is beginning and I don't think Ella could be more excited! It's time to clip the nails again this week and the girls are doing really well with this. Unlike Jake who has to go to Petco and be strapped down because he absolutely hatest this procedure. LOL

Ella is no longer taking care of the potty training, so the girls will be getting some grooming and bathind shortly. The puppies have started eating a rice mixture and Ella is having a hard time letting them eat. We will have to make some for her so the girls can eat. The girls are wrestling, fighting and barking, but learning not to bark in the house. So cute!