Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Daisy experiences snow!

Well Sally and Kaley are with their new families and I'm sure being very loved. It snowed today in Utah. Kim is keeping Daisy for a few more weeks before she moves in with Jake and I. This morning when Kim put her out to go potty and she went down the steps all funny like, because the steps were wet and her paws were wet. Then when she came to the snow, it was so high that she followed her mothers steps and stepped very carefully when she first came to the snow, she stretched her front paws out so she was all stretched long, to test the white stuff-snow then she brought her back paws up and and stepped into the snow. She did this same thing on Kim's bathroom tile because it is white Ella was in the bathroom with Kim, and Daisy wanted to come too but she had never been on the tile before. So that scared her, and she barked like, come get me I am scared. Once she figured out it was just tile then she wasn't scared anymore. With the snow she followed her mom steps and sniffed around, but she never went potty.