Thursday, March 1, 2007

Shorkies 4th Week Update :)

Well two of our little girls have found families and they continue to thrive! They have started gumming the puppy food and the teeth are coming in! They have had their first round of de-worming medicine and are busy exploring their little world. They are playing with each other a lot more. The weaning process is beginning and I don't think Ella could be more excited! It's time to clip the nails again this week and the girls are doing really well with this. Unlike Jake who has to go to Petco and be strapped down because he absolutely hatest this procedure. LOL

Ella is no longer taking care of the potty training, so the girls will be getting some grooming and bathind shortly. The puppies have started eating a rice mixture and Ella is having a hard time letting them eat. We will have to make some for her so the girls can eat. The girls are wrestling, fighting and barking, but learning not to bark in the house. So cute!