Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Kaley and Daisy's weekend out

The girls continue to grow! Sunday morning was bathtime! Kaley and Sally were very good, just wanted this chore to be done with. Daisy was shaking and scared to death of that blowdryer thing!

Saturday Kim and I went to look at a couple of Yorkies up for adoption. Sadly the first one was just too big for Miss Ella to breed with, and the second one had been adopted the night before. Oh well, we figure it wasn't meant to be, and we will find the perfect Yorkie for Miss Ella soon enough. The girls stayed home while Miss Ella went with us all the way up to Millville. Then we got pizza and had a picnic on the lawn.

The girls did well in a new environment on their own, but were excited to see our return! That night Kim took Ella and Sally home while Daisy and Kaley spent the night with Jake and I. They went to sleep around 10 and didn't get up until 6:30 the next morning! We had a fun morning playing in the leaves and then getting their baths so they could smell good.

Kaley and Daisy kept trying to get Jake to play with them, but he's just not sure what to do with these tiny girls. At one point Daisy gave up and climbed into his bed and chewed on his tail. Jake just looked at her like silly girl. It will be fun watching this relationship grow.

Afterwards the girls and I took Jake down to Petco to get his nails clipped. He hates getting his nails clipped, the girls don't understand why he puts up such a fight. They are really good about getting their manicures done. While we waited for Jake to finish, we were swarmed by customers at Petco wanting to see the girls. Everyone raved about how cute they are (which of course we already know!) and a few of them would be very happy to take the girls home right then!

Then it was time to take the girls back to their momma. By now they had grown tired of their carrier and really begged and pleaded to be let out. I unzipped the bag a bit so they could poke their heads out and then both fell fast asleep. Silly girls!

Ella had a good time with Sally, and Sally was glad to have some one on one time with her mom. Kim and I were talking about how sad it will be when she leaves to go with her new family this weekend. The girls finish up their shots and Vet visit on Thursday, and then they are on to their new families.

I have some pics from the weekend I'll be putting up tonight :)