Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Puppies doing what they do best.. sleeping!

One week old!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Individual shots...

The Puppies are here!

Daisy had six puppies! 3 girls and 3 boys.. more to come

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Puppy Watch 2009 ....

She just can't find a comfortable position....

Daisy's milk has come in and the puppies are getting big! She is no longer curling up to sleep but is all stretched out trying to give the puppies some room. She is sleeping and building up her reserves by eating all sorts of fattening food. This morning she had a scrambled egg with cheese and was in heaven! I can already feel her backbone poking out so I need to make sure she is eating. She isn't due until Friday but I think they will be here by Wednesday. I've made an appointment with her vet for Tuesday to make sure everything is ok. This morning I counted 5 heartbeats! This is my favorite part of the pregnancy as you can see and feel the puppies moving around. One of them gave me a high five this morning! Ha!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Why I love Shorkies!

Daisy and I were having a lazy morning today. Her poor belly is getting so big and she's to that state where she just likes to lay all stretched out on the bed. I'm so excited for the new puppies to join our crazy little home! The thing I love most about this breed is how cuddly they are all the time. I've never met another dog that actually puts their arms around you when you pick them up for a cuddle! It's also fun to have a dog that is just as loving to others when they come to visit. This may be a bit much if your not a dog lover, but Daisy just lavishes all her love onto anyone that comes to visit us.

Her puppies were very much like this as well. I love the look of the Yorkie, but not so much the skittish personality and they can be quite yappy as well. My neighbor has a Yorkie her name is Ebony. I love Ebony and I'm pretty sure Ebony is quite fond of me as she loves to hang out in my yard! However, after knowing her for two years I have yet to ever hold her. She lets you get just close enough to think you might pet her, before she runs away. So by mixing the Yorkie with the Shih Tzu I get a teeny tiny dog that looks very similar to a Yorkie, but is sweet and loving like a Shih Tzu. Its the best of both worlds!

I have shaved Daisy's belly and we are in the two week countdown to whelping day! I went over to Kim's to get all the puppy supplies, and will be putting her whelping box together later today. It's definitely the calm before the storm right now!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Daisy has popped!

Daisy's belly is really starting to grow now poor thing. When I came home last night she was crawling to me all stretched out on her belly. She can still curl up for now but that won't last for much longer. I will get pics up soon, I am waiting for her to outgrow a bad haircut first.