Thursday, December 20, 2007

Snow Snow Snow and a dog called Wags

Last night I was driving home and saw a dog out over by Storm Mountain Park...he wouldn't come to me.. but he sure wanted to go for a car ride. Once I opened the car door he jumped right in. I called the number on his tag but no answer. So I brought him home to weather out the night with Jake and Daisy. This dog was a mixed collie really sweet and very submissive. His name is Wags. It took him about an hour to feel ok with spending the night with strangers. This was around 1AM.. Daisy hit her second wind and decided it was time to play with this new friend. Around 4AM I finally had to put poor Wags out in the living room with Daisy in the bedroom with me and shut the door to get some sleep. Everyone survived the night and I tried a few more times to contact Wags owners before I had to contact Animal Services to come and pick up Wags. He spent the morning in the backyard hanging out and chilling before they picked him up. Sure wish I could have reached his owners, I hate having them go to the shelter. However its a $700 fine if you don't take them to the shelter. I am guessing that Wags family has just moved to the area and might be out of town for a day but hopefully they will rescue him from the shelter soon.

On another note, a big winter storm is hitting us. The snow from our last big storm had almost melted today! This is an interesting link to go to, there are a bunch of little camera icons you can click on to see current road conditions. Right now all you will see is a lot of tracks in the snow!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Jake and Daisy Part 2

Sunday Morning

Winter Wonderland!!

Well we are up over a foot, which means Daisy is in over her head! Luckiy her big brother has tracked out a path down the stairways and out onto the back lawn. The snow is just about to bury him and it is still coming down! It will be interesting to see how tall the walls of their tunnel will get before this storm passes.

I'm not sure if the sweaters are keeping Daisy warm or not, the snow just sticks to her! But she just looks so cute with them on! We had to go to Petco to get some food, and she got many compliments on todays outfit. Now if I coud just figure out how to keep her hat on her head!

Cousins come up to play

Wyatt, Garrett and Autumn were up for a visit in November. They stayed over and Jake and Daisy were so excited to have new people to play with. They are from Las Vegas and don't get to have a fall, so we made sure to save up all of our leaves to play in for their visit. Garrett and Wyatt ran through the piles of leaves and tossed them in the air.. all at 8AM because they just couldn't wait. I spent the morning saying "whisper!" but it was a lot of fun.

Since we only live a few blocks from the Live Aquarium we went over to check it out. Petting the sting rays was a rather slimy experience. Garrett even took us out on the Great Salt Lake for a quick trip on the boat. He was a great driver!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dogs vs Kids

Last night when I came home.. one thought popped into my head. Who said dogs were easier to take of then kids. My kitchen looked like a mad baker had stopped by for a visit. In the middle of my kitchen is a bag of flour that has been torn open and spreak/tracked throughout the room. Poor Daisy has a flour encrusted beard that had to be cleaned off. Jake cowered in the corner because he knows this was a huge NO-NO.

On another note I took Daisy to another groomer.. and I must not speak dog groom language because they never cut her the way I ask. She got scalped again and since it's snowing outside she'll be in sweaters until her fluff grows back.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It's Official!

Its best NOT to meet Ella's puppies unless your ready for a puppy of your own. All four have been taken, 3 of them are going to siblings of Kim. The other one is going to one of her roommates grandmothers. I'm excited because now she'll be able to keep tabs on all the pups instead of just one.

In other news Daisy is finally out of heat! So it looks like I will try to breed her in the spring when her next heat cycle begins. It will be interesting to see how that goes. Jake has never been around newborn puppies, but he's been good with them once they get older.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

New Names and Adoptions!!

As usual the names they started with at birth have been changed. Sadie AKA Sugar has been adopted by on of Kim's roommates for her grandmother. Smokey AKA Hershey has been adopted by Kim's nephews who spent the last several months saving up their money!

Eddie AKA Chocolate and Mac AKA Toffe AKA Carmel are doing great and getting bigger and stronger everyday! These two are super cuddly, and as we have found out all puppies will pee on you if you pick them up after a long nap for a cuddle. Best to let Momma do her thing first and then hold them. :)

Daisy is a little lady now....

On another note, Daisy have become a little lady. Yup her first heat has arrived and she's been wearing diapers all week. I'm guessing right now would be the time to breed her, as it was hard to keep Jake off her. Daisy wasn't sure what he wanted from her, but she was pretty sure she wasn't wanting any of it! LOL

I did find a possible boyfriend for her that lives in Tooele, and sent off an email to see if a possible romance might be in Daisy's future. It looks like I will breed her in the spring as her cycle should come again in the next 6-8 months. Here are some pics of the puppies and Daisy in her denim diaper

Eyes are open!

I went down Saturday to Kim's since I was having an open house trying to sell my house. The puppies have their eyes and ears open and are getting stronger, but still pretty wobbly getting around. Daisy wanted to get in there and see what these little things were... Jake could care less he just wanted to play!

Monday, October 1, 2007

What is a Shih-poo??

Many people have asked me what is a Shih Poo.. so here are some detail as well as some pics of older Shih Poo's I found on the internet.

A Shih-poo is a mixed breed dog that is produced by mating a Poodle and a Shih Tzu It is one of many Poodle hybrids that have been bred in an attempt to combine the characteristics of the Poodle, such as its intelligence and low-shed coat, with the desirable traits of another breed- in this case the Shih Tzu. Some owners prefer Shih-Poo's over Shih Tzus because the snout of the dog is less pushed in, therefore alleviating many breathing problems that shih-tzus can experience.

The Shih-poos' (as with most mixed-breed dogs) appearance varies significantly. It will take characteristics from both of its parents. One consistent trait of the breed is its size, normally weighing about 10 lb. It is long coated, though its coat texture can be straight, curly, or wavy. Normally the Shih-poo's general build will be somewhere between that of its parents. It can be any colour or colour combination. Partially because of its widely varying appearance it is not recognized by any major kennel club.They are very adorable and a kind dog.

The Shih-poos' parent breeds share many temperament traits, more so than appearance. Therefore it is easier to generalise their personality. They are normally intelligent, alert, friendly, and devoted to their owners though they can often be shy around strangers and like many small dogs they need to be properly socialized around young children. They are demonstrative and seem to enjoy being fawned on and being the centre of attention. The Shih-poo tend to be very sociable with other dogs and they also do well around other pets of all species.

Shih-poo's are usually very intelligent and eager to please their owners. These traits make them very trainable. They learn quickly and seems to enjoy showing off tricks.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

A few more pics

Dewclaws removed

Went down to help Kim remove the dewclaws, and ended up removing them. Kim is just too tender hearted when it comes to her babies! Here are some new pics, I got some of their faces, its interesting how different they all look. I also tried to show just how tiny they really are

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Puppies Birthday!

Here are pics from when the puppies were first born. They are just sooo tiny! They have already gained 1/2 oz so they are doing really well.

Pics of the puppies!

Ok finally got the pics.. they are so darn cute! Ella lines them all up together before she leaves the whelping box to get a drink or go potty. She's such a good mommy!

Need a Puppy fix?

I would really like to set something up like this in the future as Kim and I continue down the road of breeding dogs. This family really understands how to raise healthy puppies in a family environment. It breaks my heart to see puppies and dogs stuck in cages with no interaction with their human family.


Sunday, September 23, 2007

Puppies are here

They have finally arrived, 2 boys that are brown ad 2 girls that are white. All weighed in at a whopping 4 ounces! They are named Chocolate, Brownie, Sugar and Caramel. One littly puppy didn't quite form completely, and Sugar was born awhile before Kim realized Ella was having babies. (It was 1am!) But she got her going and they all had dinner and are resting peacefully. Pics to come :)

**Correction Caramel is a boy! So that's 3 boys and one little princess!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Still no puppies

Well Ella is definitely taking her time with this litter. Her milk has come in, the babies are moving all over trying to get comfortable. Today is day 60 so maybe they will come tonight or first thing in the morning. I am going to pick up Kim in a few hours from the airport, unless something changes with Ella. Her temperature has been in the 99's all week, only dropping to 98.7 once. That may explain why she hasn't delivered.

She was pacing and whining pretty intensely this morning, I took her outside and all she wanted to do was eat grass. She's been very intense on eating the grass the last couple of days. Today not as much. When I brought her in she continued pacing and whining, after another 2 hours of this I took her outside again. This time she went potty. We went back inside and she's been sleeping for most of the day, and appears quite calm. The heartbeats are strong and everyone appears very healthy, so we will just wait it out.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ella is in Labor

Well it is definitely looking like today or early tomorrow there will be puppies. This morning her temp was 99.7 by around 10 it had dropped to 98.6. She has been moving around a lot, can't get comfortable. She will lie down, then get up and walk across the room and lie down again, then back across the room. This has been going on since about 6 am. She also will not let me out of her site, if I am she starts to whine quite insistently. The babies are very active, if you touch her belly you can feel them move around. Her belly is huge and they are probably getting cramped. I've gone through the list twice .. ok more like 7 times to make sure I have everything ready. I have a scale, yarn, notebook, alcohol wipes, gloves, scissors, first aid kit, towels, garbage can, paper towels, and collars all standing by and ready to go. I wish Kim was here.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ella set to deliver within the next 10 days

I've put a link to Ella's new blog, she is set to have Shih Poo's in the next few days. Max is a mini poodle that is Silver colored and about 5 lbs. So the babies will be small since Ella weighs in at a whopping 9 lbs.

If her puppies are anything like the last litter, they will go fast. Ella is such a good mommy, I can tell that just from how well Daisy is. Everyone loves Daisy, even people that don't like dogs! The litter will be ready to go in time for Christmas, and these puppies will make such a fun addition to any family. They really do get along with children so well, and are so willing to play and play and play!

Daisy is such a patient little girl, she seems to get these grass stickers matted into her fur almost daily. No matter how often I weed and pull them out she somehow finds more. But she is so great to just lay there while I pull the seeds out one by one.

Max is the father of another litter that was born last week. Jack-a-poo's! 5 girls and 2 boys, the mom is a jack russell named Daisy (popular name!) Their family will be kept busy with that bunch!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ella is having more babies

Ella is having puppies again.. this time it will be Shih Poo's! She is entering her eighth week so they should be coming soon. It will be fun to see how Daisy interacts with her new siblings....

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Daisy had another haircut

Her last haircut grew on me.. the longer her hairs gets the messier she gets. So off to Petco we went. I told the girl there just like last time, shave her close but leave the tail and top of her head long. When I came to pick her up, I was furious! They had chopped off all her hair on top of her head. Two reasons I like it long, first so she can wear it in a ponytail or piggytails. Second because it had some of her baby color still with the dark brown and carmel coloring. It's all gone, I was so upset. The girl working the desk was just unemotional and said we won't charge you and she still looks cute. Ugh! Not going back there again.. here are some pics

Ella's Birthday Party

Wow there were a lot of teeny tiny dogs! Ella had a fun with all her friends and Daisy was kissing and licking everyone. Here are some pics from the party.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Haircut and barrettes

Daisy had to have an emergency haircut

Poor Daisy she so loves to romp and play outside with Jake. I have found there are some definite differences between these two breeds. Now Jake I have had for 5 years and he gets bathed about twice a month. Jake doesn't get dirty, nothing sticks to Jake except for his paws. When it rains I can tell Jake has been on the futon. Daisy on the other hand gets bathed twice a week. Daisy can't go outside without coming in dirty. Lately she goes outside and comes back in with stickers stuck to her fur. Last night I was scratching her head and though.. what is this? Yup right between and a bit above her eyes was a LOT of matted hair intricutely woven through a sticker bush. So much that I had to get the scissors. As you can see in the pictures she no longer has any hair above or between her eyes. I also had to cut one off her chest and one off her leg. This morning I went out to find all these stickers weeds she seems to find so easily. I thought they were all gone, until I found yet another one in her tonight. First thing tomorrow she is going to the groomers for a VERY short cut. I'll post her before and afters.. she's going to look like a completly different dog tomorrow. All her puppy color will be gone.