Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Update from Bella

Bella's family sent me some super cute pictures of her with her new family!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The last one to go.... Brooks

Brooks is going to his new home this week, it will be interesting to see how Montana gets along without a playmate. I am working on potty training outside so I can put the potty papers away. The stairs on the deck are still a bit icy and scary so we've been going in the front yard. Today was a beautiful day so we stayed outside and played in the sun for a bit. Brooks and Montana love exploring and finding sticks to chew on. They especially love chasing each other and seeing how close they can get to the road before I make them come back!

Bye bye Tiki and Bella

Tiki and Bella (aka Reagan) have joined their new families over the last week. I really am so happy with the families they went with. They are absolutely the perfect match for each puppy! Tiki is my quiet one that loves to cuddle or hide under the couch. Bella is my little princess that needs a lot of attention! She went to a family in Idaho and she is being spoiled to death! They have promised to send pictures and I can't wait to see her with her new family which include a daschund and a boxer/dalmation mix! Dexter came back overnight so he could go to the vets with everyone else to get shots. Here are some pics before everyone left.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

King of the Hill! Puppies latest game....

Almost 10 wk Shorkie puppy update

Daisy finally spent the day at the spa getting a much needed haircut!
Montana and Snickers wrestling... these two are always at it!
What toilet paper? I'm innocent!!
Tiki chilling out after the toilet paper incident.....its tiring tearing paper into little bitty bits!
Montana chilling on the princess bed

Snickers aka Reagan

Snickers loves to run back and forth across the room
Taking a chill moment before she goes on attack again
Why are you taking my picture again??

Maybe its time for another nap...