Saturday, July 5, 2008

Busy Week! Family Reunion and 7th week of pregnancy

Time is flying by! Daisy is now entering her seventh week of pregnancy. Her belly continues to grow and you can really feel the babies moving around now. The other day I sat down to count heartbeats, I am hoping I am off. I've been right on before, but I counted SIX heartbeats. Which means she could have SIX puppies. I really hope I'm off as I would rather she only have 4 puppies for her first litter. I guess we will see. It's crazy that she only has a few more weeks left to be pregnant. I have made her whelping box, and she is slowly getting used to it. Jake wants to sleep in it more then she does, but he is banned! Haven't quite figured out what to do with him when the puppies arrive. He may have to go play at a neighbors house, luckily everyone has dogs in our neighborhood, so lots of buddies to play with.

Last weekend I went down to Kingston UT for some fun and to attend the Moss family reunion. This is my mom's family. There are 8 siblings, and five were able to attend. A lot of cousins and second generation cousins came out to play. I rented an ATV in Marysvale, and took my nephew Brett for a ride on the Piaute ATV trail. It was sooo much fun! We even ran into the middle of a live cattle herd. Brett thought it looked like fun, until I explained to him that this is their version of "chores". Brett and I had a lot of fun, and I was glad he was able to go with me.

When we got to Kingston he was off to play basketball and have fun with all the other 2nd cousins. There was a cute little red heeler/shepherd mix puppy. She was about 7 weeks pregnant, and was probably the most popular person at the reunion! I'm so glad I decided to leave Daisy home, all the kids just love love love dogs!

When I took the ATV back, Kayla was able to go with me. She was a really good ATV driver, and even got to hollar a big "hello" out to some cute boys in the back of a boat by Piute Resevoir. She's a total flirt! We ran into a bunch of sheep on the road back to Marysvale, gotta love the country!

Can't wait to take another trip down south maybe in the fall when all the Shorkie Puppies have gone to their new families.