Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Puppies have eyes and ears open


The first two pictures are Kelly Mae. the Second picture from Left to right: Dusty Rose, Sally Jo, and Kellie Mae. Third picture Sally Jo is on her back, Kelly Mae is under mom, and Dusty Rose is curled up sleeping. Dusty Rose is the finaly picture, she loves to sleep! I spent the day with the girls and had so much fun! It's amazing how quickly the grow. Ella has already trained her girls to use newspaper! I was so impressed they know that the paper is where they do business. The girls are all over the place walking, rolling, and running! There are really starting to develop some fun personalities. Kelly Mae is the boss, she makes sure everyone knows what's going on and what to do. Dusty Rose is very laid back, she is the sleeper of the bunch. Sally Jo just loves to be included in whatever is going on. She'll cuddle up and sleep with Dusty Rose or she's always up for a fun wrestle with Kelly Mae. Here are some pics of the girls, I've included my cell phone so you can get an idea of how big they are now.