Saturday, November 19, 2011

8 weeks Old Yorkie puppies

Finally put some bling on the pups.  They are now much easier to tell apart because they have collars on!  Pippa is hot pink with polka dots, Kate is light pink.  Benny has a  camo collar, Will had a black collar, and Marley has a blue one.  They went and had their shots yesterday and everyone wanted to love them all up!  This morning we worked with walking on a leash.  Kate was the most stubborn but after a bit she finally walked along with only the occasional temper tantrum.  Will was the best he was just so excited to be out on a new adventure!  This afternoon they are enjoying the lazy dogs of summer and basking in the warm sunshine we have in Las Vegas.  Lots of sleeping going on!


Kylee Smith said...

Oh, they are really cute. Their furs look so soft.

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