Saturday, May 24, 2008

Still no confirmation but I have a lazy dog!

Still can't confirm for a few more days that Daisy is pregnant.. but she has turned into one lazy dog! She had two successful ties with the Yorkie Dante (pictured below). Instead of running full throttle around the house she is stretched out on the couch snoozing most days.

I believe Jake has finally lost interest in her as well. He has been following her around like a love sick puppy for the last week. She is going in next week to get her summer cut. Good bye to all that fluff!

On a side note, I was at the quilted bear yesterday in Murray. Found this cute little booth that is all about dogs! I bought a cute little coral and brown puppy themed canvas bag. What a cute idea! She also had some Puppy kits that I am going to duplicate to send home with the puppies new owners. I always get creatively inspired at that store!