Saturday, March 3, 2007

Shorkie girls hit the town!

Today was their first trip out, momma Ella was in a Fashion show today. The girls loved riding in the car and we had no problems there. Daisy was the first to want to look out the window as we drove.

The puppies stayed in Kim's purse for the show and everyone kept saying how adorable they are. We of course now this already. We met some other dog lovers at the fashion show and everyone looked so cute! Ella wore a cute pink tank top dress with bling clips in her hair.

After the fashion show we went to our new favorite store IPaw. If you live in Utah this store is a must! They have the cutest designer clothing, fun gear, and treats for your princess. As you can see Kelly Mae has her first t-shirt. We couldn't believe something that small could fit into a shirt already. The girls at Ipaw loved the Shorkies. Kelly and Sally have found homes, but it looks like there are few people that are very interested in Daisy (aka Dusty) The girls have the cutest little bathrobes to wear after their baths now. These will be going to their new homes with them.

The girls were wiped out on the way home, after a quick bite to eat with momma they soon fell asleep. They are doing so well on their potty training, there were no accidents in the car or the purse. They patiently waited until we arrived at my house before they did their business.

We then decided to see if the girls were ready for their model days. We tried many attempts at getting a family portrait, but they were just to busy checking out the new area. My dog Jake wasn't sure what to think of these three. He has never seen any dogs this small before! The girls seemed to love the huge lovesac and were even found a few balls under the couch to play with. Enjoy the pictures! We shot some more video and hopefully this won't be as dark.